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About Us

South Derbyshire is the most southern part of the Derbyshire County. South Derbyshire covers an area including Swadlincote, Melbourne, Repton and Willington the surrounding villages!

South Derbyshire District has demonstrated remarkable success in expanding Scouting to cater to all age groups. From the energetic Squirrels to the adventurous Explorers, the district has embraced a comprehensive approach to scouting for individuals aged 4 to 25 and beyond.

The district’s success is not just about reaching a broad age spectrum but also about ensuring that each scouting section flourishes. With a dedicated team of leaders, volunteers, and enthusiastic scouts, South Derbyshire District is unstoppable in its mission to foster a sense of adventure, leadership, and community spirit in every participant.

These numbers below should reflect that.

Stella Greenwood
Role: District Commissioner
Jo Alflat
Role: Deputy District Commissioner
Malcolm Cardill
Role: District Chair
Jill Goodall
Role: District Secretary
Sarah Withnall
Role: ADC Squirrels & Beavers
Amy Booth
Role: ADC Cubs & Youth Commissioner
Dave Harvey
Role: ADC Scouts
Dave Moore
Role: District Explorer Scout Commissioner
Lindsey Littlewood
Role: ADC Inclusion
Richard Trevena
Role: Active Support Manager